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workshops with methods and  exercises in “experiential learning”
and with elements of Argentinean Tango:

      The Art of Moving People”
      in Deutsch: )

- your inhouse leadership workshops in English, Dutch, French and German
- open trainings in Germany
- programms in context with other, eg. ”technical” trainings or conferences

references in Germany, Belgium, Holland und Russia

next open workshops:

not planned as we normally do only tailor-made workshops for companies and associations

ask for more informationen:  Ruckruh@t-online.de

the trainers:

Annemarie van der Meer, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Psychologist, experience of years with coaching of leaders and (management-)teams, trainings with regard to personal development and leadership for companies in The Netherlands and Germany. Founder of the consultancy MEER, personal and organizational development. Tangodancer.

Dipl.-Ing. Falk Ruckruh, Regensburg, Germany.

He works for many companies as practice-coach for entrepreneurs and managers and as consultant and trainer for organizational development, sales and field organization.

Info’s by: www.betz-team.de

Intensively engaged with argentinean tango as a dancer as well as a teacher. Info’s by: www.ruckruh.de



Personal impact on others is the most powerful tool in the hands of upper management. You may have studied many different theories and management models, but the way you motivate and inspire others depends entirely on your own personality. The tool is you!

To make progress in this sense, you have to develop yourself forward.
There are clear parallels between dancing and leadership. Pre-determined principles regarding attitude, behaviour, contact and interaction are vital in both dancing and people management.

During this workshop ”Inspiring Leadership”, elements of Argentinean Tango and other exercises transmit experiences that will give you quite an effect to explore.

You will feel the main principles of leadership with your body. You will discover your natural strengths and your learning points in leadership.

Group reflection will help you combining learning experiences with daily practical leadership at work. The aim of this workshop is to develop your own personal forces and use them to your advantage.

After the workshop, it is possible for you to use our individual coaching in order to pursue further special development themes.


other possible workshops:


Workshop Dialogue and Meeting - the art of understanding one another

The ability to converse is decisive for effective social communication. It is not a question of a particular conversation technique or following a communication model but of the approach of doing justice to others as well as to yourself and of getting something new from the meeting.

Interest, contact, self-conciousness, open-mindedness and trust are keywords. Just as it is clear in dancing that, depending on whether two people are only concerned about themselves or truly dance together, this makes a huge difference to the communication and whether a true dialogue takes place.Both phenomena are based on the same principles.

In the workshop Dialogue and Meeting you will experience these principles through elements of Argentinean tango and communication exercises. Thus, you have the opportunity to physically experience  these principles and discover what they require from you. Through reflection in the group, the learning effects are expressed in terms of abilities and development goals in daily communication practice and the implementation in daily life is enabled.



Workshop - the difficult art, to be ”I” and ”We”

When a group of people has to reach common results, it can get very interesting.  In such a cooperation, one can notice two possible tendencies: 1) The members of the team are basically ”I”-oriented. One can see this within the team in form of internal fights for competences, conflicts and that a ”everyone for himself”- climate reigns. 2) Or the team members are very strongly ”We”-oriented.  The result of this is often, that under the cloak of harmony, subliminal tensions tend to smoulder.  Sometimes it is also found that the dynamic of the group contains both tendencies simultaneously.  All this at the cost of synergy, the mutual trust and common team results.  It is required that in a team the individual members must be able to have the ”I” as well as the ”We” so that real Teamwork can be recognised.

That means, to be able take over ones own responsibility for the situation, ones own behaviour and simultaneously use this for the good of the of the group.  An analogue to this is found in dance.  Here every dancer has to first find their own rotational axis and his own place and on that basis, a common axis and common expression can be developed.  Only then is a dance couple, just as in a team, more than the sum of the individuals.

In the workshop Teambuilding we work with existing teams or teams that have to be built.  The theme ”I” and ”We” is experienced first hand by the team members by means of getting to know the intricacies of the Argentinean Tango dance style and via common exercises in experimental team learning. The team discovers where synergies can exist.  On top of that, the playful element also has a binding effect.

Finally, precise action items which individuals can be used on a day-to-day basis are agreed upon.

We offer, to accompany the team development after the close of this workshop for some more time, in order to anchor what was learned, in the team members daily activities.


additional information:

In our workshops we approach the themes of leadership, personal development and communication by direct experience. We focus on total personality and as participant you will feel the principles of leadership and communication ”in your own body”. This happens by exercises, that convey both insights and fun. We always give high attention to the conversion into your daily practice. Short content wise inputs supplement the exercises

For these workshops you don't need any dance experience or any particular "talent"; they are no dancing lessons. The only condition is to be open minded in order to be able to learn from these experiences.


Inhouse workshops:

You want to discuss about an offer? Call +49-941-8703104

possible focus for your inhouse-trainings:

- workshop for managers in leading positions
- for trainee-programms or similar (basics of leading and communication)
- workshop for women in leading positions
- Incentive (eg. with own partners)
- teambuilding - workshop


 German, English, French or Dutch (and body language).



Tel. Germany: +49 (0) 941 8703104

Tel. Holland: +31 (0) 30 2333928

email: Ruckruh@t-online.de


Falk Ruckruh

Franz-von-Taxis-Ring 54, 93049 Regensburg

Telefon: 0172-8330394 bzw. 0941-8703104

email: Ruckruh@t-online.de


Can we talk about this project? I look forward to hear your expectations:


Yours sincerely

 Falk Ruckruh

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